APart MASK8F Mask Series High SPL Two-Way Loudspeaker User Manual


Apart thanks you for purchasing the MA.SK 8.
Read this manual carefully to get the best result out of your music system.
MASK two way loudspeakers have been designed to fi t in any interior and to be applicable in most situations.
The MASK supports shipped along, are a great tool for easy reliable installation and orientation.
Each model has a unique protection circuit, which will only appear in the audio path when needed.
We’re sure your MASK 8 loudspeakers will give the finishing touch to your sound system.


  • MDF wooden cabinet
  • Available in black or white
  • Paintable
  • 2 L-brackets for safe and reliable mounting
  • Wall and ceiling mountable
  • 8 rigging points, M8
  • Unique overload protection
  • Protective steel grill
  • Dome tweeter on 360° Waveguide horn for broad dispersion
  • 8 Ω, 8” coated paper cone HD woofer
  • Two speakon 4 connectors
  • Great power handling
  • Smooth professional HiFi sound

APart MASK8F Mask Series High SPL Two-Way Loudspeaker User Manual - Sound Box

MASK8 Series

The MASK8F is a full range loudspeaker fitted with an 8″ LF driver and a smooth-sounding ferro-fluid cooled silk dome tweeter on a wide dispersion waveguide horn for high output. The coated paper cone combined with the stiff suspension results in a well-controlled sound Use MASK8F anywhere you need big sound from a small enclosure.

APart MASK8F Mask Series High SPL Two-Way Loudspeaker User Manual - Speaker


For safe mounting eight 8mm rigging points are available; one at the top and bottom, two at each side and two at the back.
Two strong L brackets are shipped along for easy mounting to a wall or ceiling.
Fix the brackets to the wall or ceiling (1), put the M8 screw in the M treat at the top and the bottom (2), and just hook your MASK into the brackets (3).
The sleeve in the brackets helps you to hook up your MASK in a easy and safe way.
Then fasten the M8 screws to secure.
This mounting system can be used for vertical, horizontal or ceiling mounting.
If safety rules allow, it is possible to mount the MASK8 vertically with one bracket only fig.A
However in that case we strongly recommend to use a extra safety cable.

APart MASK8F Mask Series High SPL Two-Way Loudspeaker User Manual - MountingAPart MASK8F Mask Series High SPL Two-Way Loudspeaker User Manual - Wall Mounting

Safety Instructions

  1. Keep this manual for future reference.
  2. Clean only with dry cloth.
  3. Do not operate near heaters or place it on other apparatus which produce a lot of heat.
  4. Take care for the speaker leads. Never use damaged leads and install them in such a way that no one can walk on it.
  5. Only use accessories specified by the manufacturer.
  6. Make sure the mounting surface can easily support the speaker’s weight.
  7. Use only industry-accepted rigging tools and methods.
  8. Choose the right speaker for the right job.
  9. Use sufficient loudspeakers and avoid death spots.
  10. No main power shall be connected to the loudspeakers.
  11. This apparatus should only be serviced by qualified personnel. If not, the warranty might be void.
  12. Removal of the grill causes risk to loudspeaker damage.
  13. Use cables of the right gauge, certainly for long runs.
  14. Use cables with clear colour codes and maintain polarity throughout the whole system.
  15. Switch amplifiers on with the volumes turned down completely to avoid loud clicks and clacks.
  16. Avoid loud feedback for this is a main speaker killer!
  17. Please check the unit’s condition after unpacking. If the outside of the carton box has been damaged, inform your shipper immediately.


Two parallel wired speakon 4 connectors are available (wired +1/-1).
To avoid confusion, use cables which have clear (colour) codes, so correct polarity can be maintained. Also use wires of the right gauge, certainly for longer distances.

Overload Protection

All MASK models have a unique overload protection, which only comes into the signal path when needed. When too much power is fed into your MASK, fi rst a red led will blink. When you neglect this warning, the overload protection will disconnect the signal going to the loudspeakers and the red led will remain on. Turn down the level and after about 5 seconds cooling down your favourite music will be heard again. When you don’t want to work on your client’s nerves, don’t activate the overload protection !

APart MASK8F Mask Series High SPL Two-Way Loudspeaker User Manual - Overload Protection